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MR1-Kossuth Radio: The Power of Words

MR1-Kossuth Radio is the news-talk station in Hungary with the greatest tradition and with the richest content. Well balanced, authentic news programmes, information in all the important topics, current affairs and national debate. MR1-Kossuth Radio also offers science, radio plays, culture, service programmes, sports, children programs and cabaret.

MR1-Kossuth Radio offers content to many people, helping them through their daily lives. The station pays attention to people in special situations, like those having small children; farmers and those interested in the lives of the main church denominations.

The new MR1-Kossuth Radio was repositioned and reintroduced in 2007: it is not only fresher and more interesting but has also been made more intimate and friendly. MR1-Kossuth Radio as a public service radio station offers high quality content for listeners when competing with other radio stations.

The credibility of the station is based upon its news programmes. Thanks to their accuracy and unbiased nature, MR1-Kossuth Radio is the ”main national station” today. It makes the very best of radio: it informs about events that are currently happening.

The morning show called “180 minutes” is a three-hour-long news programme, with issues of public concern news and live discussions, economic and political analyses, and reports of our foreign correspondents. This is the most popular news-talk morning radio programme, it is listened by 1 million people day by day.

The main news programme “Chronicles” is the most listened radio news programme of the country since years. The other “Chronicles” are refreshed editions. The hourly newscast blocks constitute the frame of the daily programme flow. The station broadcasts news in every half an hour during the morning and afternoon drive-time slots.

The afternoon drive-time programme “Round the corner” deals with the most important and interesting current stories– the issues are addressed from the points of view of those involved and concerned.

In 2008, a new children’s daily programme Radio Vacka was introduced carefully designed by specialists. The script is based on figures and situations in the fantasy world of a land called Snow Pile Couch created by Zsuzsa Gaál. The series is full of humour and vitality; it is entertaining, adventurous and without any violence. The excellent children’s songs performed by Bori Rutkai and her group were published by MR, the Vacka CD was a great success such as the “Vacka Days” programmes where children are entertained by life concerts and handicraft playhouses.

Since 2009, Vacka Radio is part of a half an hour timeslot for children together with the evening tale and children’s music.

Programmes on Saturdays provide background information to the main issues of the week, while the Sunday programmes are dedicated to culture, art and heritage. In 2008 two external productions has been included into the programme flow: the “Folk music without frontiers” introducing Hungarian folk culture, Hungarian folk and world music to the listeners, and the new cultural debate programme “Pro-kontra”.

In Summer, 2009 was launched the most recent daily report programme “The Place,” experimenting with the presentation of events, phenomenon, places and professions from a very insider perspective.

Over 200 new radio drama and literary adaptations have been made and broadcasted by MR since 2006. Related to this activities MR was successful in buying the rights of rebroadcast numerous radio drama and as a result of this it launched the “Night Radio Theatre” programme.

The new on-line concept of the MR was launched in 2007, in which each of the MR stations were given an independent homepage. In 2009, MR decided for further modernisation of mr1.hu: the new platform focuses more on presenting sound material, pod casting MR content. The MR On-line Team works the most closely with MR1-Kossuth Radio. The front page of mr1.hu has been extended up to 60-70 titles. There is a box for 5 top stories and a multifunctional flash-based player for sound materials, pictures, videos and articles. Users can follow the programme on twitter (http://twitter.com/mr1hu).

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