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MTI-Econews – Instant Economic News and Information

Our business news service will provide you with prompt economic information from Hungary, publishing 40-50 items of macroeconomic, corporate, stock- and commodities- and money-market news per day in order to supply you with data necessary to make sound financial decisions.

We report immediate news regarding economic-policy decisions and their consequences and offer expert analysis of vital macroeconomic data and changes in economic regulatory standards. We also publish economic forecasts and financial reports for companies listed at the Budapest Stock Exchange as well as numerous other items of corporate news. Our information appears in clear, thematic categories and is stored in a database dating back to 1997.

In addition to written news, MTI-Econews publishes graphs, several hundred continually updated tables, investment-fund data as well as currency and interest rates.

Try out our demo to learn more about our services, with the output of 48 hours from two weeks ago.

To learn more, feel free to contact our staff at (+361) 441-9050 or e-mail us at tartalomertekesites@mtva.hu.

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MTI Daily Bulletin - News in English

MTI’s news service in English keeps you abreast of the latest developments in Hungarian politics, diplomacy, culture, economy and sports. Our mission is to help you navigate the issues which have an impact on Hungary’s events at home and around the world. We also provide a window on Hungarian communities living in other countries.

You will be kept informed as soon as major policy decisions and made, promptly followed by expert analysis. Instant traffic bulletins relevant to foreign readers and weather forecasts are a staple of our service. We’ll keep you abreast of concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events with reports and previews. Our news, up to 35 items a day, is clear, compact, and complete with background information. Our searchable database of news reports dates back to 1997.

For more information, feel free to contact our staff at (+361) 441-9050 or e-mail us at tartalomertekesites@mtva.hu.

We hope to welcome you soon as a satisfied customer.

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