MTVA international memberships


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As of 1st January 2014 MTVA gained active membership of the European Broadcasting Union as part of the Hungarian Media Group. This represents a successful and important step towards unified participation in international public service media. The activities of the EBU include:

o Eurovision news exchange;
o Euroradio music exchange;
o Sports rights acquisition;
o Eurovision Family of Events, including the annual Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest, as well as the biannual Eurovision Young Musicians and Young Dancers competition;
o Media Summit and Creative Forum

o Eurovision Song Contest
o a large number of international co-productions and projects (City folk; co-production, World War 1 commemoration, Eurovision Film Week 2013, Concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra)
o Eurovision Special Live Events;
o the EBU Special Assistance Project
o technical expertise: exchange and elaboration of new practical solutions
o participation in international training, seminars, workshops; thematic visits to member organizations
o membership in the EBU Legal and Policy Committee;


circom logoAssociation of European Regional Public Service Television Providers, presents innovative projects, offers excellent professional training and encourages the birth of quality co-productions between its members


fiat ifta logoThe World's leading professional association for the preservation and use of broadcast archives.


hfcc logoInternational Broadcasting Delivery (HFCC) is a non-governmental, non-profit association. As a sector member of the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva in the category of international and regional organisations, it manages, and co-ordinates global databases of international shortwave broadcasting, in keeping with the International Radio Regulations of the ITU. The HFCC provides representation, tools and services to its members for the resolution or minimisation of instances of mutual interference among shortwave transmissions. It also organises those regular conferences, prior to the start-dates of seasonal broadcasting schedules, which coincide with summer and winter time change.


egta logoAssociation of Television and Radio Sales Houses (EGTA) currently includes 127 members: 88 television sales houses, 39 radio sales houses (including 15 non-European partners). The group covers 38 countries (including twenty-four EU member states and five non-European countries).


presto centre logoThe PrestoCentre Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in the Netherlands. A membership-driven organisation, they bring together a global community of stakeholders in audiovisual digitisation and digital preservation. PrestoCentre works together with various experts, researchers, advocates, businesses, public services, educational organisations and professional associations in order support the audiovisual sector in providing long-term access to heritage items. Acting as intermediary, the PrestoCentre Foundation offers a valuable platform by facilitating interactions between these groups.


euranet plus logoEuranet Plus includes thirteen leading public and private broadcasters within the European Union reaching more than 20,000,000 listeners. Producing and broadcasting in thirteen official EU languages, Euranet Plus broadcasts more than 1,200 hours of high quality EU related content on a yearly basis.