MTVA programme cooperations

Deutsche Welle (DW)

deutsche welle logoMTVA presents ‘Stories from around the world’ (’Történetek a Nagyvilágból’) and ‘Through European Eyes’ (’Európai szemmel’). ‘Stories from around the world’ is a documentary series produced by Germany’s international broadcast channel, Deutsche Welle. The series presents exciting people and stories, as well as a global selection of civil initiations from Japan to Mexico. Berlin-based DW, broadcasts content drawn from 30 countries including Hungary. ‘Through European Eyes’ is a selection of the programmes, also produced by Deutsche Welle, leading with interesting topics relating to culture, lifestyle and science.


Kvartett is a magazine programme produced with the cooperation of the Visegrad Four regional studios of Ostrava, Brno, Rzeszów, Krakow, Kosice Banská Bystrica and the production base of MTVA in Szeged. The productions focus on subjects such as family, culture, arts and science.

Chinese cooperations

In September 2012, a 4-member TV crew from MTVA spent 17 days in China, in order to prepare an exciting and ambitious travel series, focusing on the Provinces of China. This series was produced in cooperation with the Chinese Office of Tourism in Zurich and the Hungarian Chinese Cultural Foundation (GASU International Ltd). This cooperation continues into 2014 and will include visits to further Chinese provinces.

Alps, Danube and Adriatic international television magazine

Started in 1982 as an Austrian initiative, MTV has been a member since 1984. Later on, MTVA took over the Hungarian reins from its predecessor. The TV programme is a compilation of reports deriving from the member organization and is broadcast twice a month. The international editorial group meets four times a year and decides jointly on the content and the structure of the next editions to be broadcast in all participating countries. The member states include Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia and Hungary.


intermag logoMTVA is also present in the international association of European news and current affairs magazines which exchanges items and programmes between its members free of charge. The Hungarian membership magazine is called ‘Map’ (Térkép).

The PrestoCentre Foundation

presto centre logoThe PrestoCentre Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in the Netherlands; a membership-driven organisation bringing together a global community of stakeholders in audiovisual digitisation and digital preservation to share, work and learn. PrestoCentre works with experts, researchers, advocates, businesses, public services, educational organisations and professional associations to enhance the audiovisual sector's ability to provide long-term access to heritage material.