MTVA international tenders

EU MEDIA Programme / Creative Europe

EU MEDIA is a six year programme of the European Union to strengthen the competitiveness of the European film, TV and new media industries, as well as to increase the international circulation of European audiovisual productions. Independent production and distribution companies can apply for interest free development loans or distribution funding. From 2014, ’Creative Europe (2014-2020)’ will replace the Media and Culture Programmes. The aim of this new initiative is to further strengthen cross border cooperation between the creative sectors within the EU and beyond. Through ’Creative Europe’. the cultural and creative sectors seek to contribute to cultural diversity as well as to growth and jobs in Europe in line with the ’Europe 2020 Strategy’ for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Theatrical Distributions

At the end of 2011, - in response to the market – MTVA began a programme of theatrical distribution for content, including feature films, television drama, documentaries and new media, an opportunity provided by the MEDIA 2007 PROGRAMME which supports the development and distribution of thousands of films each year.

Automatic support

The Automatic Support scheme aims to encourage European distributors to invest in the co-production and distribution of films from other European countries. According to this initiative, the previous year's receipts from non-national European films is reinvested in the co-production or distribution of films from other European countries, covering the minimum distribution guarantee or release costs.

Selective support

The Selective Support scheme aims to encourage distributors to invest in promoting and distributing films from other European countries by helping fund their distribution costs. This support can cover the costs which include promotion, printing copies, dubbing and subtitling, and can go to at least five distributors of short films or seven distributors of medium-length films. A points system means that only the most deserving distributor groups are selected.