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MTVA film acquisition


MTVA’s Film Acquisitions Department takes responsibility for the acquisition of content to be broadcast on the Hungarian public television channels, including feature films, television series, animations, concerts and documentaries.

The work of the department consists of negotiating licence agreements, managing the rights to the acquired programmes and monitoring the use of programme licences in the system, as well as coordinating the delivery of broadcast materials. These activities are performed in close cooperation with the Programming Department, who are in turn responsible for elaborating on content and broadcast schedules. Our Acquisitions Department also works closely with our Production Department, which deals with the technical issues relating to broadcast materials, as well as the preparation of Hungarian versions of foreign language programmes.

MTVA’s Film Acquisitions Department also communicates regularly with foreign and domestic film distributors, visits international film markets and attends meetings, in order to view the latest offerings from foreign distributors and to negotiate the acquisition of the selected programme(s) on behalf of the company.

Following the transformation of Hungarian public service media in 2011, the scope of the Film Acquisitions Department has also become broader.

Although the department is currently responsible for acquiring general programme content for four television channels (M1, M2, M3 and Duna) a reshaping of channel M2 has increased the overall number of acquisitions to include a significant quantity of family-oriented material, including programmes intended to appeal to children.

After entering the Hungarian film distribution market, MTVA also hopes to acquire valuable feature films which may be suitable for theatrical release or to be made available via the DVD distribution market.