Hungarian viewers have re-discovered classical music

MTVA official logoThe classical music reality show Virtuoso has become a successful undertaking of the main channel of MTVA, M1. According to channel representatives the talent show „has captured the whole country” and „has lived up to all the expectations”, which manifested in an average of 387.000 viewers during the sequence. Virtuoso was broadcast through eight weeks altogether with the final every Friday evening on M1.
According to Nielsen audience measurement figures, the most viewed episode was the second semi-final with its 565.000 viewers, where the youngest contestants were introduced. The talent show also improved the general viewing figures of the whole channel. The eight episodes brought an 8.8% of average share regarding the whole population. The production was especially popular amongst viewers with higher education with its 18% viewing rate. 
Virtuoso has become one of the most successful classical music productions in the recent years for a number of reasons. On the one hand, it has become the most viewed classical music broadcast of the last 5 years on the Hungarian market. Additionally, the mobile application of Virtuoso has been downloaded by 20.000 users, while the You Tube videos of the broadcast have been viewed 1.286 million times.