Turkish channels to broadcast Hungarian Day

Turkish Radio and Television logoTRT the Turkish public service broadcaster will hold a Hungarian day on 15 March, a Hungarian holiday commemorating the Revolution of 1848. The three hour long live programme and radio shows will have much to explore as they present Hungarian culture and history to the Turkish viewers.

The live TV programme will air from 2pm to 5pm and will cover Hungarian Studies in Turkey, Turkish Studies in Hungary and also Ottoman relics in Hungary. Turkish organizations in Hungary such as TIKA and Yunus Emre will also be presented during the day. The programme will focus mainly on Hungarian culture including cartoons, classical music like Kodály, Bartók and Liszt and feature film “Budapest Wild”.

A speech from Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, a summary of President János Áder’s visit in Turkey and a short message from Director General of MTVA László Szabó Zsolt will also be presented.
The live broadcast will be aired on TV channels TRT Turk and TRT Haber, together with special programmes on the TRT Radio Channels.
MTVA also marked Turkey’s Republic Day on 29 October in 2014 with a Turkish day on the Hungarian public media channels, which provided the viewers with a fascinating glimpse into Turkish culture.