MTVA to launch news and youth channels on 15 March

M1 official logoNews programmes will be at the core of the renewed M1 which will serve as a channel for daily news from 15 March 2015. Viewers can follow the news as they happen from 6am up until midnight – with a variety of additional TV shows.
One of the main goals of the new daily channel is to broadcast worldwide events. New information will be aired every five minutes. A greater emphasis will be placed on the News starting at dawn, 7am, 12am, 18am and 19.30am. Duna TV will also broadcast the M1 News at the usual times.

An English language news programme will also be aired twice daily, adjusted to different time zones, which makes the programme available for people living on the American continent, in Asia and Australia.
The programme structure of the channel will also be renewed from 15 March, giving space to a variety of weekly magazine shows. Viewers can watch educational and informative content online, as the TV shows will be available on, Facebook and YouTube.

Petofi TV official logo

MTVA will also launch its youth channel Petőfi TV, which will be incorporated into the structure of the M2 children’s channel. The style and concept of Petőfi TV will be very similar to Petőfi Rádió’s with a target audience of people between the ages of 16 and 35.
The aim of Petőfi TV is to develop a brand connecting the new TV channel and the already successful radio. Musicians and presenters known from the radio channel will also appear on the television to make the transition smoother.

The channel will debut with ‘Böngésző’ followed by ‘Én vagyok itt’ a programme in which the on-set audience at the A38 pontoon venue will become an important part of the show. Apart from A38, Aquarium club will also serve as permanent location for the programmes on Petőfi TV.