MTVA launces public service sports channel M4

m4 logo 150The Hungarian public considers sports to be of great cultural value: the country has an outstanding sporting scene and rich sporting traditions. MTVA therefore decided to establish a sports channel that is accessible to everyone throughout the country. Hungarian public service media has always been a market-leader in the field of sports programmes: many of its most successful broadcasts on both television and radio were sports programmes (Olympics, World and European Championships, Formula-1, football, handball, water polo, canoe, and fencing).

M4 Sports does not want to compete with commercial sports channels. Its main goal is to broadcast sporting events of the 5 “popular sports” (football, handball, basketball, water polo and ice hockey) and the 16 featured Hungarian sports along with the main international sporting events. The channel will also present programmes about Hungary’s sport history and will broadcast junior team matches. From the summer of 2015 M4 will broadcast the Formula-1 races and the UEFA Champions League matches. The final of the Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup will be exclusively broadcast on M4.
M4 will broadcast live from 4pm on weekdays and from morning until evening on weekends. Viewers will be able to watch non-live matches and summaries as well. The Hungarian Formula-1 Grand Prix will be broadcast on M4 on 26 July.