Participants and new jury members of the Hungarian national selection show A Dal 2016 revealed

A Dal 2016 logoA Dal (“The Song”) a popular national selection format developed by the Hungarian public service broadcaster will serve as a platform for the fifth time in 2016 to select the Hungarian entry for the 61th Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden. Since A Dal has been introduced as the Hungarian national selection method for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, it has proved to be not only an extraordinarily successful TV show but also an important new platform to introduce artists, bands and composers to a larger and international audience. Apart from selecting the entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, the most important aim of A Dal is to encourage artists to create new songs of a high standard and to present these songs to the public.

The contestants, new jury members and innovations for 2016 have been announced at a press event held on 15 December 2015 in Budapest.
MTVA (Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund) and Duna Media Service Provider Ltd. have received 372 submissions. A panel of 10 expert judges selected the 30 participants for next year’s instalment. The first heat of A Dal 2016 will be broadcast on 23 January 2016. This will be followed by two other heats on the subsequent Saturdays. The two semi-finals will take place on 13 February and 20 February and the final will take place on 27 February.

Balázs Medveczky, Director of Television Services at the Hungarian public service broadcaster Duna Media Service Provider Ltd. revealed two new prizes to be given out in A Dal 2016. The title of “Best Newcomer of A Dal” will be given out by the on-screen jury and “Best Lyrics” will be awarded by combining the votes of the jury and the online votes of the viewers.
Several artists of the 2016 line-up have participated in previous editions of A Dal, like András Kállay-Saunders who represented Hungary in Copenhagen in 2014 at the Eurovision Song Contest, where he reached fifth place in the Grand Final.

Participating artists and songs of A Dal 2016 are:

André Vásáry - Why
Anna Patai - Colors
B The First - You Told Me You Loved Me
Bálint Gájer - Speed Bump
Benji - Kötéltánc
ByTheWay - Free To Fly
C.E.T. - Free
Egy Másik Zenekar - Kéne közös kép
Fatima Mohamed - Ott leszek
Freddie - Pioneer
Gergő Oláh - Győz a jó
Group'n'Swing - Szeretni fáj
Ív - Love Kills Me
Jázmin Török - Power Of Love
Júlia Horányi - Come Along
Kállay Saunders Band - Who We Are
Karmapolis & Böbe Szécsi - Hold On To
Laci Gáspár - Love And Bass
Maszkura és a Tücsökraj - Kinek sírjam
Misztrál - Reggeli Reggae
Mushu - Uncle Tom
Nika - Beautiful Love
Odett - Stardust
Olivér Berkes - Seven Seas
Parno Graszt - Már nem szédülök
Passed - Driftin'
Petra Veres-Kovács - Singing Peace
Petruska - Trouble In My Mind
Reni Tolvai - Fire
Szilvia Agárdi - It Is Love

A Dal 2016 press conference photo by Zoltán Balogh

As an ever evolving format, A Dal 2016 will introduce several changes, a few of which have been revealed at the press event. The songs will be judged by four jury members and the viewers will once again take on the responsibility of the fifth jury member via voting through the app, website or through text messages, which gives the audience an even greater influence on the outcome of the competition.

Pierrot has been a successful figure of the Hungarian pop music scene as a producer, creative videogame producer, songwriter and a performer. He has produced dozens of gold and platinum records, theatrical and motion picture scores. He was the editor of music of Danubius Radio (launched in 1998) and has also produced a programme on the history of instruments for the Hungarian public service media. Apart from his musical career he also works in video game development since 1998. He established his production company Private Moon Productions in 1994 and his own label Private Moon Records in 2000. Pierrot was known for his honest and outspoken opinions in A Dal 2015 and he will resume his role as a jury member with three new judges joining him on screen in 2016.

Zséda is one of the most successful female pop singers in Hungary. She has won multiple awards for her work (including the Fonogram, eMeRTon and Artisjus prizes). Besides 16 top listed hits she has 3 gold and 3 platinum records under her belt. She is proficient in multiple genres, be it pop, R&B, swing or even classical music and has sung many film theme songs. She also actively takes part in social initiatives and charity campaigns. She has participated in campaigns against breast cancer and against domestic violence. She also supports young talents as a mentor in the National Programme for Young Talents.

Károly Frenreisz is an outstanding Hungarian musician and composer. He was member of the famous band Metro and a founding member of LGT. He is also a founding member of the band Skorpió, which is still active today. After an education in classical music and jazz he found his calling in progressive rock. He was involved in the creation of 23 major records as a composer and a musician both in Hungary and abroad. He also composed music for film and has sold over two and a half million records. He was chosen Bass Guitarist of the Year multiple times and he has been awarded the civil class Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary and the Honorary Citizen of Budapest title.

Miklós Both has been awarded the Fonogram prize twice and the Budai Prize as a performing artist and a composer despite his young age of 34. He has been awarded the “Öröm a zene” (“Music is happiness”) prize in 2015 as the musician of the year. He is a founding member of the bands Napra and Both Miklós Folkside. He was a musical director of numerous Hungarian and international workshops on the integration of Roma people. He also represented Hungary at the opening gala ceremony of the 2011 World Music Expo (WOMEX) in Copenhagen. Miklós Both is constantly looking for connections between different cultures via the language of music. He travelled to China, Russia, Iran and Ukraine looking for local contemporary folk music and recorded his album “Musical Odyssey Through China” in the months he spent in the Chinese mountains. He went searching for talented people living in poverty in the lagging parts of Hungary in the 2014 public service TV programme “Looking for talent with Miklós Both”.

A Dal 2016 jury photo by Zoltán Balogh

Apart from the new jury members and the new special prizes A Dal 2016 will bring several changes to the voting process. Televoting via the mobile app will be free of charge and viewers will be able to vote via the official A Dal homepage during the live broadcasts for the first time on Hungarian television. Traditional text message based televoting will also remain for the viewing public to vote for their favourites.

The official Hungarian website of A Dal will also be given a brand new design with more emphasis put on the contestants, exclusive content and online behind the scenes videos. For up to date information please visit .

The hosts of A Dal 2015, Csilla Tatár and Levente Harsányi will resume their roles in 2016.