Superbrands Prize for Kossuth Radio and Petőfi Radio

superbrands logoFor the second time since 2012, MTVA’s public service radio channels Kossuth Radio and Petőfi Radio were awarded the Superbrands Prize this year again.


The more than fifty year old Kossuth Radió offers the most diverse content amongst the Hungarian radio channels. Its programmes are characterized by well-balanced news services, exciting talk magazines and high-level entertainment. Rapid, authentic, correct and impartial information is provided by Kossuth Radio in politics, culture, sports and other domains of everyday life. Kossuth has the largest reach amongst the non-music radio stations in Hungary. Over the past years, it has had 1.5 million listeners per day and has been on first place among the 40+ listeners with high-school degree, leaving behind even music radio stations.

Petőfi Radio’s main target is to introduce young Hungarian talents to the audience. The high-level music offer of the channel contains a large variety of genres and styles and is an attractive alternative to the usual programmes of the commercial channels. Petőfi Radio regularly hosts concerts and other popular events where well-known and new Hungarian bands can get closer to their audience. Petőfi Radio is represented at all major Hungarian music festivals at its own stage.

Among the Hungarian music channels, Petőfi has the second largest audience which is growing continuously: in the first quarter of 2014, it had more than 1 million listeners per day which is twice as much as in 2011-12.
The Brand Council is an independent organization which was founded in Great Britain, in 1995. Today it is active in 90 countries worldwide and rewards especially successful brands.

In Hungary, the International Superbrands programme started in 2004. The best consumer brands have been awarded for ten years, and the best business brands were awarded for the seventh time as well.
(Source: RAME/TNS Hoffmann/Mediameter Radio audience research)